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Sheffield man's fright at 'corn snake' breakfast

BBC World News - 11 hours 44 min ago
The corn snake was curled up in the man's cereal box before it slithered into his dishwasher.
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Eric Molina: Anthony Joshua opponent banned after failing doping test

BBC World News - 11 hours 51 min ago
American boxer Eric Molina is suspended for two years after testing positive for a banned substance following his fight with Anthony Joshua in December 2016.
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French strikes over Macron's reforms cripple public services

CNN Top Stories - 12 hours 24 min ago
France's public services ground to a halt Tuesday as civil servants across the country went on strike against President Emmanuel Macron's proposed economic reforms.
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'Rare' birth of live reindeer twins in Cairngorms

BBC World News - 12 hours 26 min ago
Previously twins born in the herd in the Cairngorms have been stillborn or died shortly after birth.
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Grenade attack in 'world's most livable city'

CNN Top Stories - 12 hours 29 min ago
The use of a grenade in an attack on a suburban street in Melbourne has exposed an escalation of gang violence in the Australian city, consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world.
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Rhetoric sharpens in lead-up to planned meeting

CNN Top Stories - 12 hours 40 min ago
North Korea is testing whether it actually needs to take action before the summit with President Trump, says former U.S. State Department Senior Adviser Balbina Hwang.
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Funeral held for Dale Winton on star's 63rd birthday

BBC World News - 12 hours 44 min ago
A service has been held for the presenter, attended by friends including David Walliams and Christopher Biggins.
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Former Trump co-chairman on meeting FBI source: Like sitting in 'faculty lounge talking about research'

CNN Top Stories - 13 hours 7 min ago
Former Trump campaign national co-chairman Sam Clovis broke his silence on the possible FBI confidential source on the Trump campaign during recent appearances on an Iowa radio show, telling listeners he was concerned that the source had been trying to plant an audit trail for investigators to later use to justify surveillance warrants.
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Elon Musk admits Tesla braking flaw

BBC World News - 13 hours 9 min ago
Flaws pointed out in a review of Tesla's Model 3 have prompted Elon Musk to make changes.
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Hair loss: Jada Pinkett Smith reveals alopecia battle

BBC World News - 13 hours 18 min ago
The actress revealed the diagnosis on her chat show to explain why she has been covering her head.
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Trump and South Korea's Moon to hold talks on Kim summit

BBC World News - 13 hours 19 min ago
South Korea's leader is in Washington ahead of the US and North Korean leaders' historic summit.
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$100m prize fund offered for Fortnite game play

BBC World News - 13 hours 20 min ago
Epic Games has announced it will be putting up a $100m prize fund for first year of competitive play.
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Teaching boys not to 'stalk for love'

BBC World News - 13 hours 26 min ago
The behaviour of a suspected shooter in the US has caused online debate about how to accept romantic rejection.
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10 dead from virus outbreak in India, including nurse

CNN Top Stories - 13 hours 34 min ago
The death toll from an outbreak of Nipah virus has risen to 10 in India's southern state of Kerala.
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M&S to close 100 stores by 2022

BBC World News - 14 hours 19 min ago
The retail giant accelerates a closure programme it says is "vital for the future of M&S".
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Danish minister Stojberg provokes Ramadan row

BBC World News - 14 hours 19 min ago
Inger Stojberg suggested Muslims should take time off work because of potential safety risks.
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Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war

BBC World News - 14 hours 23 min ago
A government leaflet sent to every household suggests stocking up on sardines, lentils and candles.
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Champions League final too costly for fans

CNN Top Stories - 14 hours 37 min ago
The road to Kiev is set to be a weird but not so wonderful one for thousands of Liverpool and Real Madrid fans attending Saturday's Champions League final in Ukraine.
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Grenfell Tower: Tribute to 'final victim' of fire

BBC World News - 14 hours 39 min ago
A woman who died seven months after the fire is among those remembered at the public inquiry.
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Archbishop guilty of hiding sex child abuse

CNN Top Stories - 15 hours 21 min ago
An Australian archbishop is facing up to two years in prison after being convicted of concealing child sex abuse by a fellow priest in the 1970s.
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